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Adopt A Black Cat Sweatshirt

Bring attention to the plight black cats face in shelters with our Adopt a Black Cat sweatshirt. Despite such pop culture icons as Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Binx from Hocus Pocus black cats have the lowest rate of adoption, higher euthanasia rates, and more of a likelihood of facing abuse and neglect than felines of other colors. Be a champion for black cats with this addition to our cat lover hoodies & sweatshirts!

Only Dogs Can Judge Me Shirt

Yip yip hooray for our Only Dogs Can Judge Me shirt! If you’re known for your snarkiness and consider ‘In dog I trust’ your mantra, express yourself with the sassy tee. These bold tees are loaded with personality. With a design featuring a pack of canines romping around these funny dog t-shirts are sure to catch the eyes and attention of other dog lovers the next time you and your doggo hit the dog park. Only Dogs Can Judge Me shirt measurements:

Women's Dog Emoji Shirt

If everything your canine companion does has you feeling like a big puddle of heart-eyed mush you’re the one we were thinking of when we designed this women’s Dog Emoji shirt. Impress your crazy dog lady community and show off the oodles of love and devotion you feel towards your doggo wherever you rock one of these cute dog t-shirts. Plus, part of the proceeds of all our apparel sales go towards lending a paw to the millions of dogs in need in rescues, shelters, and nonprofit organizations thr

Starbarks Coffee Mug

Whether you’ve got a craving for a Grande Yapp-uccino, or a Tall Pug-kin Spice Latte, or a Venti Pupper-mint Mocha with extra foam, whatever barista-crafted brew is your pick of the litter will be right at home in this Starbarks coffee mug. Yes, we went there. One of these punny (and oh so giftable) dog mugs is a hilarious way to express your love for your two favorite things: coffee and canines! (Bone shaped biscuits not included.)

Save All The Cats Sweatshirt

Fighting for felines isn’t always easy, but with our new “Save All The Cats” sweatshirt it just got a whole lot more fashionable. We don’t mean to catastrophize, but there is a cat overpopulation crisis. There are more homeless cats than ever before and never has there been a greater need for cat foster pawrents, animal shelter volunteers, and TNR! Show that you’re an ally for cats everywhere with our cat sweatshirts collection.

Rescue Vibes Hoodie

Our “adopt don’t shop” philosophy is what inspired us to create this new “Rescue Vibes” hoodie. Sunflowers and elegant striking text make these hoodies some of our most fashionable animal rescue clothing to date! Over 3 million healthy cats and dogs are euthanized in animal shelters every year because of overcrowding and underfunding. Call for an end to breeding, pet stores, and puppy mills with these rescue hoodies. With each purchase, you also help real-life cats and dogs in need! We donate some proceeds from all our sales to shelters and rescues that care for all of our animal friends!

Who Rescued Who Mug

Start your morning off on the right paw with our Who Rescued Who mug. 8 million cats and dogs are abandoned and dumped in shelters every year. Be an advocate for adoption and foster programs for these animals in need every time you get your yappuchino or cat-ffeine fix whenever you use our mug. Every purchase from our rescue apparel collection goes to shelters, human societies, and sanctuaries that rescue and provide care to cats, canines, and other companion animals who would otherwise face early euthanasia or homelessness!

Women's Rescue Shirt

Paws up if you’re a cat or dog mom who demands an end to backyard breeding, puppy mills, and pet overpopulation, or actually better yet, paws up and give our women’s rescue shirt a whirl the next time you go out to advocate for animals. The rates of homeless animals and overcrowded shelters are no joke. And if you, like us, abide by an adopt don’t shop philosophy, then our animal rescue t-shirts are just waiting to join you in your crusades for cats and canines!

Spay Neuter Adopt Women's Shirt

Our “Spay Neuter Adopt” women’s shirt is more than just a fashion statement. It’s a call for action. Right now we’re facing a cat and dog overpopulation crisis. Did you know that a single unspayed female cat could produce 420,000 cats in just 7 years?! How about that millions of these cats are euthanized in overcrowded shelters every year? Spaying and neutering is the number one way we can combat this crisis and reduce animal suffering and death. Our rescue t-shirts spread the word that spaying and neutering matters.

The Entire Cat Population Is My Best Friend Sweatshirt

Whether you support your local animal shelters and TNR programs, or are a key member in organizations that fight to protect felines, The Entire Cat Population Is My Best Friend sweatshirt shows that you’re on the side of all cats. Legal protection for cats is limited and the overpopulation crisis continues to cause millions of homeless cats and early euthanasia in overcrowded shelters. Show that you demand change and end to cruelty towards our kitty companions with our cat sweaters and hoodies. Bonus points if you rock this look while protesting for an end to declawing or bottle-feeding newborn kittens!

Bunny Pattern Face Mask

Protect yourself from airborne pathogens with our Bunny Pattern Face Mask! Rabbits are known for their abilities to sense danger and their self-preservation. So why not take a leaf out of their book with this playfully designed and colorful mask? Featuring a colony of rabbit friends, this mask makes the perfect gift for bunny people, especially if they’re a veterinarian technician or work at animal shelters or in rabbit foster programs!

I Love Bunnies Mug

If your idea of a good time is spending your days with your sweet, gentle, and loving rabbit companion, don’t forget to stay hydrated with your favorite drink in our cute “I Love Bunnies” coffee mug. Featuring a fluffle (yes, that’s what a group of rabbits is called!) of floppy-eared bunnies and all of their cotton-tailed friends you might just want to get your paws on our entire adorable collection of coffee mugs with bunnies.
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