Happee Birthdae Harry: 31 Gifts To Celebrate The Boy Who Lived

The heroic Gryffindor celebrates his fortieth birthday today, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate The Boy Who Lived. In honor of the fierce friendships Harry forged, we proudly present to you 31 fan-made Harry Potter gifts. Treat your Wizarding World-loving besties or yourself to some of these magical items crafted by independent artists in the vibrant and diverse Potterhead community!

The Problem With Leather: Vegan Alternatives to the New K-SWISS SHOES x Harry Potter Collab

The latest Potter swag to come careening at us like a rogue bludger are the K-Swiss x Harry Potter sneakers. ​These Hypercourt Express 2 shoes are inspired by Harry’s beloved Firebolt and are detailed enough to make even the most stoic Slytherin squee a little bit. But, there’s a dark side to the Quidditch chic shoes: they’re crafted from patent leather and are definitely not vegan. So what’s the problem with leather? Isn’t it just a by-product of the meat industry anyways? And is it really so bad? It’s time to dispel some myths!

Fantastic Facts and The Importance of Trans Solidarity in The Potterhead Community

On Sunday, June 21, 2020, the Protego Foundation teamed up with the magical folks at the Speak Beasty podcast to host our first-ever fundraising trivia event, Fantastic Facts and How to Know Them! For two fast-paced, action-packed hours, Protego’s co-founder, Tylor Starr and Speak Beasty hosts Ann Lysy, Rex Haden, and producer Ashley Craig, ran the event on Facebook Live.

Slughorn’s Black Bean “Dragon Balls” Recipe

In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, The Slug Club’s most notorious appetizers are the Dragon Balls served during Horace Slughorn's infamous Christmas party. Can’t you just picture dragon sanctuary hero Charlie Weasley’s look of horror? We can, and we love dragons and Charlie way too much to let that travesty continue! Enter our vegan, creature-free, and gluten-free take on Dragon Balls. Featuring black beans, chili powder, and smoked paprika.

For The Love of Liz: The Vegan Slytherin We Need in The Wizarding (and Muggle) World

It started with a seemingly off the cuff remark. " I hope there are no animal products in the cake.” It was enough to make me pause. Did I just read what I thought I did? Was a student at Hogwarts actually just admitting she was … *gasp* vegan!? The creature-loving Slytherin, Liz Tuttle, is the Wizarding World’s first open vegan and, with regards to Hermione Granger, its second-most outspoken creature advocate. (We have yet to see actual activism on Liz’s part.) But first, who

Sartorial Geek of the Week: Paging Adventure

Known for her affinity for the wizarding world, collection of stunning Harry Potter tattoos, and living and traveling in her converted school bus tiny home, Addie the Adventure bus, Jordan Shea Page is an animal rights activist, yoga instructor, and all-around Potterhead badass. Marketing director for the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them-inspired animal rights organization, The Protego Foundation, Jordan has been a proud vegan for four years. Seamlessly knitting all the magic of the wiza
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