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The Dangers Of Vegan Cat Food

Vegan diets are soaring in popularity. Whether led by compassion towards animals, concern for the planet, or a focus on improving health, some people are wondering if our cats can eat vegan cat food? No, unlike dogs who can eat vegan dog food, cats can’t be vegan because a vegan diet is not biologically appropriate for cats because cats are obligate carnivores. As a current vegan who celebrated eight years of veganism, I’m going to dish out all the details on veganism for cats. I’m going to g

Baking With Trupo Treats : Vegan Chunky‌ ‌Monkey‌ ‌Pancakes‌ ‌with‌ ‌Catskill‌ ‌Animal‌ ‌Sanctuary’s‌ ‌Chef‌ ‌Linda‌

Catskill Animal Sanctuary’s in-house award-winning chef and the head of the vegan Compassionate Cuisine program, Chef Linda Soper-Kolton, joins us for our latest Baking With Trupo Treats. We're whipping up a stack of fluffy, nutty, and chocolaty pancakes with this exclusive vegan Chunky Monkey Pancakes recipe. Let's dig in!

10 Fun Facts About Ginger Cats

Ginger tabby cats are bold, energetic, fun-loving, and iconic. One need only look at pop culture to get a sense of these tiny tigers. From the lasagna-loving and Monday-hating Garfield to Shrek 2’s Puss in Boots, Captain Marvel’s Goose, and Alien’s Jones, ginger tabbies with their larger-than-life personalities are unforgettable. Have you been smitten by a sweet orange kitten? Or are you curious about what makes these flashy felines tick? Here are 10 fun facts about ginger cats!
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