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Book Review: Enchantment Abounds in "The Unofficial Harry Potter Vegan Cookbook"

The Unofficial Harry Potter Vegan Cookbook features over 170 pages of recipes conjured up by Imana Grashuis, a recipe developer, food photographer, and self-professed “kitchen witch.” Cowritten by vegan activist, podcaster, and Protego Foundation cofounder Tylor Starr, the cookbook sets itself apart from other fandom cookbooks with its focus on plant-based eating, elevating it from a mere diet to a lifestyle.

Pick Up That Pencil: 7 Surprising Benefits of Solving Puzzles

With their irresistible challenges and achievable goals, puzzles have the power to inspire us, encourage us, and motivate us to care for our minds and flex our brain muscles! Puzzles can enrich our lives in so many ways. From boosting our mood and reducing anxiety to strengthening our short and long-term memory, here are seven ways we can all benefit from putting pencil to paper and solving puzzles!

Adopting A Blind Cat: What You Need To Know About These Sensitive Creatures

If you’re a long-time supporter of special needs cats or brand new to the world of disabled kitties, chances are you’ve stumbled upon a blind cat among the ranks of the deaf, epileptic, or Cerebellar Hypoplasia cats up for adoption. Whether they’ve lost their vision due to an injury or a genetic predisposition to blindness, there are thousands of these extraordinary kitties who are looking for their forever home right now. Blind cats can live just as exciting, happy, and full lives as their fe

10 Ways to Celebrate International Animal Rights Day

December isn’t just the holiday season. It’s also a month which includes a very special day—International Animal Rights Day! International Animal Rights Day was introduced on December 10th, 1998 by the Sheffield, England-based anti-vivisection society, . It marked the nonprofit taking an active stance against animal abuse and experimentation and was their demand for the need for universal rights for animals. Now, over twenty

3 Reasons Your Cat Is Burying Food (Even The Fancy Kind)

Of all the quirky things our kitty companions do, one that raises the most eyebrows and amuses us the most is when we catch our cat burying food. There are memes and videos all across the internet that show off our feline friend’s hilarious habit. So why do cats cover their food? Is it their furry, four-legged, non-opposable-thumbs attempt to stow away their leftover food for later? Or could it be a rebellion? An act of defiance against food that simply isn’t up to snuff for their picky palate

Can I Feed My Cat Different Brands Of Food?

If your kitty is turning their nose up at dinner you may be wondering, can I feed my cat different brands of food to spice up mealtimes? The answer is yes! You can feed your cat different brands of food. In fact, cats benefit from having variety in their diet. In this article, we’ll answer more questions you might have about changing your cat’s diet like: • What to do if your cat is bored eating the same food every day • How to change cat food brands without causing an upset stomach • Tips on
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