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Do Cats Have A Favorite Person? Plus, 5 Ways To Be Their No. 1

If you’ve ever befriended a picky (and maybe prickly) kitty, you know how special it feels to be their favorite person. Some of this is biological. 12,000 years ago, our cats’ wild ancestors domesticated themselves when they learned that people were an excellent source of food and shelter. Relying on humans to meet their basic needs relates to how, today, domesticated cats often choose to bond with one person.

Do Cats Know Their Names—Or Are They Ignoring You On Purpose?

If you’re a new cat parent or an experienced one with a new kitten, you might wonder if your cat knows their name. Thanks to the ever-growing field of feline science, we have an answer. Yes, cats do know their name and they may respond with a meow, a head butt, or by running towards you. Why they respond the way they do (and yes, sometimes they ignore you) is strongly rooted in their personality, biology, and upbringing. By pairing recent studies and research with the expert insights from feli

Take A Look At Me Meow! 8 Cat Attention-Seeking Behaviors Explained

If you’re a cat parent, you might already know how far some cats will go to get your eyes on them, from sprawling out on your laptop to nudging a prized teapot off the counter. But your cat’s attention-seeking behaviors may not happen exactly for the reasons you imagine. Your cat may do things to attract your attention in order to communicate their needs. Sometimes, this might mean they’re asking for more mental and physical stimulation, like playtime. In other cases, they may be reacting to a

Book Review: Enchantment Abounds in "The Unofficial Harry Potter Vegan Cookbook"

The Unofficial Harry Potter Vegan Cookbook features over 170 pages of recipes conjured up by Imana Grashuis, a recipe developer, food photographer, and self-professed “kitchen witch.” Cowritten by vegan activist, podcaster, and Protego Foundation cofounder Tylor Starr, the cookbook sets itself apart from other fandom cookbooks with its focus on plant-based eating, elevating it from a mere diet to a lifestyle.

Pick Up That Pencil: 7 Surprising Benefits of Solving Puzzles

With their irresistible challenges and achievable goals, puzzles have the power to inspire us, encourage us, and motivate us to care for our minds and flex our brain muscles! Puzzles can enrich our lives in so many ways. From boosting our mood and reducing anxiety to strengthening our short and long-term memory, here are seven ways we can all benefit from putting pencil to paper and solving puzzles!
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